Sunday, February 13, 2011

Preliminary Thoughts

So post one on Death by Fruit, what to say, what to say? Firstly I will lay out the whole idea on this blog. There are four of us in total who are part taking in this epic journey of fruit. I, Cody Hough, am by far the most bad ass of the four. Fruitiarianism is the idea of eating 75%+ of your diet as fruit, the other 25% is meant to have grains, vegetables, and nuts. But we are taking in one step further for your enjoyment for 1 full week. We are only partaking in fruit, water and fruit juices. We are each putting $20 in to a pot and if someone cannot last the entire week they lose their money and its spread between the winners. Lastly to be blunt ....... can we truly say we are ready for the .... fruit?


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